Posted: March 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever wonder why kids these days act the way they do in public? Why they jump off a bed with towels on their back like superman? Or simply make noises as if two swords were hitting each other? Maybe you have an older child who wakes up two hours early before he or she actually have to go to school or work just to shower, put on make-up, pick out the perfect outfit for the day to ensure that they look “good” and of course check his or her phone to catch up on gossip they may have missed that night.  These are just some of the things that reality TV can teach a young mind.

Elizabeth Wellington states that teens believe eating at the chicest restaurants, talking on the latest cell phone, driving a Hummer – even just drinking Starbucks coffee – is their birthright” ( para 10).Whether you would like to admit that your kids act the way they do merely because it’s their personality or just face the fact that the way they act is actually do to the fact they watch and learn it not from you parents, or their friends, but indeed from the shows they might be watching. Shows that they call “reality TV” only because they think everything that happens in those shows are actual life happenings in someone’s everyday life.  Indeed this is easy to control though by making sure your children and teenagers are constantly aware of the “real” in reality TV.

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